About MeÖ
I grew up in Michigan, on the Lake Michigan shoreline. In 1980, I moved to Colorado. After 25 years in the Rocky Mountains, I moved to North Carolina with my husband at the end of 2004.
Iíve always felt the creative pull, so in 2005 I decided to try my hand at painting. I worked with several different mediums and fell in love with Oils. I love everything about them; the way they smell, the way they feel and they way they move on the canvas. I found my creative medium of choice but still didnít feel like I had discovered my true path yet.

Plein Air PaintingÖ
In the Spring of 2007, I found it. I took a Plein Air painting workshop. Plein Air is an old French term that describes painting outdoors, in the natural light. I discovered that Plein Air painting is a perfect fit for me, because I love being outdoors, surrounded by nature...itís not just about the end result, the painting; itís more about the painting process, trying to make sure that what comes out of my brush matches what I feel in my heart. I enjoy the fact that every painting Iíve created has itís own special memory of that day; the weather, the bugs, the sounds, the smells, the people or animals Iíve met, the places Iíve been.

My Current FocusÖ
I spent my younger years on my Grandmaís farm so, to me, farms mean love. I paint all the bits of farm life I can find around where I live. I canít get enough of the fields, old barns, rusty farm trucks, hay bales, and Iím a sucker for an old tractor.

My hope is that youíd like to stay a while in one of my paintings.

                                                                                                               ~ Cheri
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Cheri Simmons Art
painting rom the back porch of the Riverside motel in Southport NC
Painting on the back porch of the Riverside motel in Southport NC